Marketing Tips

by Brandon Cornett

Start a Real Estate Blog

A real estate blog can help you grow your marketing program in several ways. Once they are set up, blogs are easy to use. Because of this simplicity, you'll be more likely to publish online content through your real estate blog. The more publish, the stronger your web presence. The stronger your web presence, the more likely will be to (A) find you online and (B) respond to what they find. Thus, starting a blog makes the list of top marketing tips for real estate professionals.

Grow Your Web Presence

A website is one entity. A web presence is a combination of online entities, each one reinforcing and supporting the next. When you combine online marketing tools (such as your website, a real estate blog, online press releases and articles), you can steadily increase the number of ways people find you. Also, by being "ever present" on the Web, you will reinforce your brand and be better able to position yourself as an authority. I feel so strongly about this particular real estate marketing tip that I've written a training manual about the real estate web presence.

Tune Up Your Direct Marketing

A lot of real estate agents are beginning to develop tunnel vision with regard to the Internet. What I mean is, they are focusing on their Internet presence to such a degree that they have forgotten about other forms of marketing. The Internet is a powerful marketing channel, but it's not the only one. Various types of direct marketing and public relations (next item) can be used to broaden and strengthen your real estate marketing program as a whole.

Here's a marketing tip for real estate agents using direct marketing tactics, such as real estate postcards. Tune up your direct marketing. Do some testing to find out what's working and what's not. Then do more of the good and less of the bad. Experiment with new forms of direct marketing. Add value to your message. Strengthen your offer. Give people an incentive to respond. Use the proven techniques of direct mail marketing to boost your success.

Add Some PR to Your Marketing

Public relations (PR) seems to be the forgotten tool of real estate marketing. This is a real shame, too, because PR is a highly effective marketing technique when properly used. In fact, it's a real estate marketing tip I refer back to time and time again. Public relations can involve many things -- a real estate article in your local newspaper, a well-timed press release, a free seminar on the home buying process -- there's no end to the possibilities. Best of all, many real estate PR techniques are free (aside from your time and effort).

Strive for Talkability

You won't be able to find "talkability" in the dictionary. But it's extremely relevant to your real estate marketing program, so it makes my list of top marketing tips for real estate agents. I define talkability as the ease with which a product or service can be talked about. In other words, when you have talkability, people are more inclined to talk about your services. This leads to referrals, recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing. So how do you increase your talkability? Read this article to find out.