Lead Generation

Built to boost your real estate marketing prospects

Generating leads and bringing in more deals has always been the most important objective of any real estate website. First Agent understands this crucial priority, and that’s why we’ve built an effective lead management and generation tool that helps you to be notified automatically every time there’s a new listing. Supported by a comprehensive and fully customized search feature that seamlessly integrates with your other system modules, now converting traffic into viable leads can be achieved with relative ease.

With powerful tools that help you manage your database and see where prospects are at every stage, the First Agent lead generation system automatically alerts and informs. Through features that can help you follow-up better on leads generated via your real estate website, our lead generation tools can be customized to keep track of listings and receive reminders. Designed to drive more business to your Realtor® website the First Agent lead generation and capture tool is built to attract more prospects to your website.

Sharp, intuitive, highly targeted and customized, by taking advantage of the First Agent difference to generate a steady stream of customers to your real estate website.

Features include:

  • Leads Management
  • Leads capturing
  • Email alerts
  • Reminders, follow-ups and notes
  • Wide-ranging search options
  • Unlimited editing options
  • Extensive report generation capabilities
  • Simple & insightful interface
  • Assured security and privacy settings
  • And much more...