Statistics Tracking

Make sure your Realtor® website is working for you—start keeping track

Your search engine optimization strategy increases your search engine ranking but are you sure that your website’s visitors stay in longer and take advantage of your services? Simple, start tracking their usage and find out where they go and what holds their attention longer and what does not. Since this is one essential horde of information which when overlooked can cost you users.

Designed for seamless tracking the First Agent statistics tracking system is your answer to greater ROI. Allowing you to easily accumulate all the statistical information that you will need to know your real estate website usage; the system offers customized solutions that cannot be matched. Proven to be reliable and effective, our real estate website analytics tool works like magic with every website.

Offering a host of tracking options our Realtor® website tracking system allows you to know:

  • Who your visitors are
  • How did they find out about your website
  • How do they find their way around your site
  • How much time do they spend on the site and on each page
  • The number of orders placed and the volume of sales
  • The effectiveness of your real estate website marketing tools (ROI)
  • And lots more

With every stat available in various forms of charts, the First Agent Real Estate Website Traffic and Site Analytics system is designed to give you a detailed in-depth and insightful overview. Now improving your website's navigation, visibility, customer experience, taking critical decisions and boosting your bottom line is just a report away!